Financial scams and fraud are being committed every day. Anyone can become a victim. Have you ever been a target of such a scam? Were you tricked by these scammers and lost money? Or, did you realized it was a fraud and did not engage in the conversation?

Share your story and experience with us. By doing so, you’ll help educate others to know what to look out for and to protect themselves. Who knows, you just might save someone from losing thousands of dollars!

Your Stories

I keep getting calls telling me that my computer is at risk and I need to take action. But, I do not own a computer! 
Mary V.

The IRS left me a message yesterday saying I own $2,300 in back taxes and that if I don’t pay I am going to be arrested and taken to jail. I don’t know if this is a real call or not. Help!
Frank S. 

Every so often I get phone calls asking me to give money to the police department. I don’t want to be victimized so what I do is call the Police when I get these calls and ask them if they are collecting for anything in our town. They tell me no. They are not collecting. That’s how I know this is a fake call.