Member credit unions of the Cooperative Credit Union Association have taken a bold step forward in the fight to protect the elderly from financial abuse. They've created CU Senior Safeguard, an educational and awareness-raising campaign developed to fight the financial scams and fraud being perpetrated against America’s seniors.

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Today, credit unions are not only training and certifying their team members – tellers, managers and branch staff – with knowledge about elder financial abuse, how to spot it and what to do in response, they are also counting on you to join with them to learn about this growing national travesty and how you can safeguard yourself to prevent this growing abuse.


It's time to take action!

Studies suggest more than 5 million seniors fall victim each year to financial abuse, robbing them of roughly $136 billion dollars in savings. In a national credit union survey conducted by the Credit Unions of Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, data showed more than two-thirds of familial caretakers reported that their elderly relatives were once a target of a financial fraud or scam. Of those targeted, 28% fell victim. While many who have been targeted may not even be aware of it, others who have fallen prey, loosing thousands, may never report it because they are too embarrassed, ashamed, or simply unaware of how to handle the situation.

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Faced with such an alarming trend, we invite you to join with credit unions and their partners everywhere to take a bold step forward on behalf of seniors. Become informed, educated and empowered to protect your elderly loved ones by tapping the resources and links presented through the Credit Union Senior Safeguard initiative.


Read and learn about free resources in the community to help
in our fight to prevent elder financial exploitation.


Share your story. Learn what seniors are saying about
the kinds of scams they are encountering.


Listen to interviews, watch video presentations and hear radio commercials
designed to raise awareness of elder financial exploitation.